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The test method of ip67 waterproof tester and its meaning analysis

The ip67 waterproof tester is an instrument used to test the waterproof level of electronic products. It can conduct multiple tests such as hydrostatic testing, spray testing and soaking testing on electronic products under the condition of simulating the real environment. For different waterproof levels, the test methods and parameters will also be different.


Principle of power dustproof tester

So, what is the principle of the power dust tester? It is the working state of blowing dust through the blower in the environment where the medium is talcum powder to simulate the natural dust test through the artificial system. Its working principle is based on the following steps:


12 cubic large sand dust test chamber manufacturer

With the development of the electronic age, the manufacturers of dustproof and waterproof test devices in Guangdong alone are also dazzling. Recently, I saw that some users want to know more about the manufacturers of 12 cubic meters of large sand and dust test chambers, so as to choose a testing instrument that is more suitable for them. Let’s talk about Yuexin’s dustproof and waterproof testing equipment manufacturers:


What is the working principle of the waterproof leak detector?

There are many names of waterproof leak detectors, such as ipx8 waterproof detector, ipx8 immersion water detector, ipx8 visual pressurized detector, etc. Its function is to test the waterproof and sealing performance of electronic equipment to ensure that it can work underwater .


How much is the price of ip waterproof test equipment?

When it comes to the price of IP waterproof test equipment, many purchasers are more concerned about it, and IP waterproof test equipment is a special test instrument that can test the waterproof performance of electronic equipment. This equipment can test various types of electronic equipment to ensure that they will work properly in wet environments.


Uncover the function of this waterproof test equipment for you

When it comes to waterproof testing equipment, many people may not know much about it. Apart from waterproof testing of products, what other hidden functions does it have? The following will discuss with you about the functions of the rain test chamber as follows:


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