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The test method of ip67 waterproof tester and its meaning analysis


The ip67 waterproof tester is an instrument used to test the waterproof level of electronic products. It can conduct multiple tests such as hydrostatic testing, spray testing and soaking testing on electronic products under the condition of simulating the real environment. For different waterproof levels, the test methods and parameters will also be different.

ip67 waterproof tester

According to the meaning of ip67, the number 6 represents the dustproof level of 6, which can completely prevent dust from entering; secondly, it represents the waterproof level of 7, which can withstand 1 meter deep water submersion in a short time without being affected . Therefore, when using an ip67 waterproof tester for testing, it is necessary to use corresponding test parameters to simulate this situation, such as keeping it at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes to see whether the electronic product under test is affected by water.

The test method of ip67 waterproof tester can effectively help manufacturers understand the waterproof performance of products in order to optimize and improve products. It is widely used in mobile phones, TVs, computers, household appliances, charging piles and other fields to ensure product quality and reliability. At the same time, consumers can better protect their electronic devices by knowing the waterproof level of the product and choosing products that meet their needs.

The above is about the test method of the ip67 waterproof tester and the analysis of its meaning.

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