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Principle of power dustproof tester


What does the power supply dust-proof tester mean? As the name suggests, its power supply can be regarded as various electronic and electrical products, and the dust-proof tester is used to test the dust level of the shells of various electronic and electrical products.

So, what is the principle of the power dust tester? It is the working state of blowing dust through the blower in the environment where the medium is talcum powder to simulate the natural dust test through the artificial system. Its working principle is based on the following steps:

Power Dust Tester

First, place the power device under test in the test area of ​​the tester. Then, the tester simulates the wind speed in the real environment by generating a certain intensity of airflow. This airflow will be ejected from the air outlet of the tester and cover the entire surface of the device under test.

Secondly, the tester will also continuously blow airflow according to the set test time. During this period, the tester will monitor the dustproof performance of the equipment under test in real time.

Then, when the test time reaches the set end time, the tester will stop the airflow and save all the recorded data. By analyzing the saved data, the dustproof performance of the equipment under test can be evaluated. If the data shows that the amount of dust deposited on the surface of the device is small, it means that the device has good dust resistance. Conversely, if the amount of dust deposition is large, it indicates that the dustproof performance of the equipment under test needs to be improved.

All in all, the power supply dustproof tester evaluates the dustproof performance of power supply equipment by simulating the dust situation in the real environment.

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