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What are the qualification criteria for pressurized water test equipment?


There are many names of pressurized water test equipment, such as ipx8 waterproof test box, ipx8 waterproof detector, ipx8 immersion test device, etc. It can be applied to household appliances, chargers, connectors, sensors, communication equipment, new energy vehicles And auto parts and other electronic and electrical products for water spray detection.

The waterproof level of the pressurized water test equipment is ipx8, which belongs to the type of soaking water, which prevents the intrusion of electrical components soaked in water in a short period of time. Of course, the ipx8 immersion test chamber is subdivided into four different appearance instruments: ocean depth simulation test machine, air pressure leak detection test machine, water pressure immersion test machine, and square bare tank type. So, what are the qualification criteria for pressurized water test equipment? Let me introduce to you:

Pressurized water test equipment

First of all, the test equipment must comply with relevant national standards and regulations, including appearance quality, performance, safety performance, etc., and comprehensive testing is required. Secondly, during the pressurization test of the equipment, the rated working pressure of the equipment should be reached, and problems such as leakage and fracture should not occur during the test. These two points are the standard indexes for pressurized water test equipment products.

In addition, the test standard of the pressurized water test equipment is described in GB/T4208-2017 "Enclosure Protection Level (IP Code)": the equipment is manufactured through consultation between the user and the manufacturer, so its test standard requirements are not clear. According to the standard requirements of the user, it is customized according to the user's testing requirements for the product.

The above is a brief description of the pressurized water test equipment .

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