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Instructions and methods of waterproof test equipment for lamps and lanterns-Guangzhou Yuexin


As a rain test instrument, the lamp waterproof test instrument has a wide range of applications, such as household industry, automobile and auto parts industry, diving field, charging pile and other products that need to be waterproofed. So how does the waterproof test instrument of lamps and lanterns do waterproof test? Let me give you an example of ipx6 waterproofing to illustrate how to use it:

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The sand and dust laboratory meets the standard requirements-Guangzhou Yuexin


After giving you popular science last time, there are many different types of sand and dust laboratories. One is the type of house that needs to build a foundation, and the other is the equipment for a large sand and dust test box. Both of them have their own characteristics. The criteria for meeting the conditions for this device are summarized below:

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Analysis of the meaning of ip56 waterproof in ip56 waterproof testing machine-Guangzhou Yuexin


Everyone also knows that the classification of rain test chambers and sand dust test chambers is different. Among them, water spraying is divided into nine protection levels, while dust protection is divided into six categories. Recently, I have seen some users want to know about the ip56 waterproof testing machine, such as what does ip56 waterproof mean? Let me explain to you what it means:

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