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Detailed introduction of rain test box ipx9k


The rain test box ipx9k is a kind of equipment suitable for testing various electronic and electrical products. It is mainly used to test the water resistance of products in environments where they may be exposed to water, humidity, and splashing water. This kind of equipment can simulate the rainy weather and dusty environment to detect and evaluate the waterproof ability of the tested product.

Rain Test Chamber

This rain test chamber has a variety of functions to help users perform a variety of tests. For example, it can use high-pressure water to quickly rinse the product under test, and check whether the product can withstand the high-pressure water washing and spraying. In addition, it can also detect whether there are problems such as leakage in the waterproof seal of the product.

What does the rain test box ipx9k mean? It can be applied to the ipx9k level waterproof level test for various products, which refers to preventing the intrusion of high pressure and high water temperature to the product so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment, and k refers to the function of boosting, which makes the water pressure stronger than the original . The water spray pressure of the equipment can reach 8000~10000 Kpa; the spray requirements have four different water spray angles, namely 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90°, which can be selected and adjusted according to the user's testing requirements for the product Angle spray detection.

In short, the rain test box ipx9k is a multi-functional waterproof testing instrument, and today's sharing is here first.

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