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Waterproof test equipment


The x4 waterproof testing machine can also be called the ipx4 pendulum rain test box, which is suitable for testing the ipx4 waterproof level of various electronic and electrical products. It is an instrument and equipment used to test the waterproof level of products.

When it comes to the x4 waterproof testing machine, I believe many people have a general understanding. It uses swinging tubes with different radii to conduct spray water tests on various products. Recently, I saw that some users wanted to know more about the device, such as whether ipx4 waterproof can be used for bathing? The following is the correct science for everyone based on this question:

x4 waterproof testing machine

First of all, the ipx4 waterproof in the x4 waterproof testing machine refers to testing the impact of water sprayed from all directions. Although this waterproof level can partially prevent the intrusion of spray water, it does not mean that it is completely waterproof, so it cannot be used for bathing. Whether it is the level of protection or the use of the environment, there is a big difference between the two.

Secondly, when testing the instrument, we need to set it according to actual needs to ensure that the waterproof performance of the product is tested and verified. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the matching degree between the product's use environment and waterproof performance. A higher waterproof level means that the product can be used in harsher environments, but at the same time it cannot mislead users that the product can be used underwater for a long time or in the same bath. Therefore, when using the x4 waterproof testing machine, it is necessary to abide by the relevant safety regulations and use the testing equipment correctly.

The above is the analysis of the x4 waterproof testing machine .

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