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What is the test standard for the automotive lamp water test box?


What does the water test box for automobile lamps mean? As the name suggests, automotive lamps are regarded as the samples to be tested, and the water spray test box is an instrument used to test spray water for various electronic and electrical products. It can be widely used in various mechanical fields.

The car lamp water test box is a kind of equipment used to test the waterproof performance of car lamps. It can simulate the flow of rainwater and the impact of water droplets on the surface of the lamp to test whether the car lamp can work normally in wet or rainy days. So, what is its testing standard? Let me share it with you based on this question:

Water test box for automobile lamps and lanterns

In the process of product testing, it is understood that some strict testing standards should be followed, such as GB2423, GB/T4208-2017, GB10485, IEC60529 and other international and national standards. These standards specify the requirements for water temperature, water flow, water pressure, number and speed of nozzles, test time, etc. in the test chamber.

In addition, the test box must also ensure that the spraying intensity of each area is uniform to simulate the actual rainwater situation, and it needs to have the function of automatic control and recording of test parameters to facilitate inspection and recording of test results. So which waterproof level test should be done for the lamps needs to be selected according to the user's test requirements for the product, and the test standards for each waterproof level will also be different.

The above analysis is about the test standard requirements of the automotive lamp water test box .

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