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Instructions and methods of waterproof test equipment for lamps and lanterns-Guangzhou Yuexin


What is the meaning of the waterproof test instrument for lamps?

As a rain test instrument, the lamp waterproof test instrument has a wide range of applications, such as household industry, automobile and auto parts industry, diving field, charging pile and other products that need to be waterproofed. So how does the waterproof test instrument of lamps and lanterns do waterproof test? Let me give you an example of ipx6 waterproofing to illustrate how to use it:

Lamp waterproof test instrument

experiment method:

a. The inner diameter of the nozzle is 12.5mm;

b. Water flow (100±5) L/min;

c. Water pressure: adjust according to the specified water flow;

d. The central part of the main water flow: a circle with a diameter of about 120mm at a distance of 2.5m from the nozzle;

e. Water spraying time per square meter on the surface of the shell: about 1min;

Steps for usage:

1. Place the sample on the sample turntable so that the sample is in the center of the table

2. Determine the total test time (at least 3min), the forward and reverse time of the turntable, the power on and off time of the sample, and select the protection level. 3. Press the "auto test" button to start spraying water. After the test time is up, the equipment will automatically stop, remove the sample, and check the results; 4. If there is no follow-up time, the power switch of the equipment can be turned off.

All in all, the above is a brief description of the instructions and methods for the waterproof test equipment of lamps and lanterns .

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