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The sand and dust laboratory meets the standard requirements-Guangzhou Yuexin


The sand and dust test room is a natural test environment for simulating dust through an artificial simulation system and talcum powder, and performs dust protection performance on various electronic and electrical products.

After giving you popular science last time, there are many different types of sand and dust laboratories. One is the type of house that needs to build a foundation, and the other is the equipment for a large sand and dust test box. Both of them have their own characteristics. The criteria for meeting the conditions for this device are summarized below:

Sand and Dust Laboratory

1. GB2423.37-2006 Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test:

2. Sand dust test method GB4208-2008/IEC60529:2001 enclosure protection level (IP5X, IP6X) GJB150.12-2009

3. Dust Test Method (Dust Test) GB7000-1-2007 Chapter 9 Protection Test for Shell Protection GB/T4942.2 Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Shell Protection Level

4. GB/T4942.2-2006 The protection level (IP code) of the overall structure of the rotating electrical machine classification GB10485 dustproof test method and equivalent JIS, DIN, MIL/STD810D sand and dust resistance test standards

In addition, another thing that needs special attention is the requirement for the use of dust, which can be reused more than 20 times and needs to be filtered through a square mesh with a mesh size of 75um and a wire diameter of 50um before use. Can be used, the medium is dry talcum powder.

To sum up, here are the details about the sand and dust laboratory that meet the standard requirements.

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