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Analysis of the meaning of ip56 waterproof in ip56 waterproof testing machine-Guangzhou Yuexin


The ip56 waterproof test machine is a very important test equipment that can be used to test the performance of various products in water. Whether in the industrial field or in daily life, this kind of equipment plays a very important role.

Everyone also knows that the classification of rain test chambers and sand dust test chambers is different. Among them, water spraying is divided into nine protection levels, while dust protection is divided into six categories. Recently, some users want to know about the ip56 waterproof testing machine, such as what does ip56 waterproof mean? Let me explain to you what it means:

ip56 waterproof testing machine

The ip56 waterproof rating consists of two numbers. In terms of numerical characteristics, the first number 5 indicates the dustproof level of the device, and the second number 6 indicates the waterproof level of the device. In the IP56 waterproof rating, the first number is 5, which means that the device has complete dustproof capability, which can prevent dust, sand and other fine particles from entering the device. The second number is 6, indicating that the device can prevent water from irradiating the device casing from the direction of the nozzle spray. It is two kinds of instruments with different test effects. The dustproof is a dry test environment, while the waterproof is a wet test environment. They are two kinds of equipment.

To sum up, there is an analysis of the meaning of the ip56 waterproof testing machine , and I hope it can help everyone.

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