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Great test of quality: Diving flashlight 150-meter water depth waterproof test machine (with pictures and truth)


Guangzhou Yuexin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on providing users with high-quality waterproof testing solutions. In addition to manufacturing related waterproof testing equipment, we can also provide users with pre-testing services, and provide users with professional waterproof testing in the random inspection stage before R&D or mass production.

In June this year, a flashlight manufacturer in Shenzhen contacted Yuexin, hoping to test the waterproof performance of diving flashlights underwater at 150 meters through Yuexin's proprietary ocean depth simulation test device.

This time the user sent 100 samples of diving flashlights. It can be seen from the packaging that the waterproof performance of these samples is 100 meters. The same as the previous test method, in order to understand the waterproof performance of these flashlights more reasonably, we have done four-stage tests, which are 50/80/100/150 meters (150m is required by the user). Because the internal volume of the tank of the ocean depth simulator is large enough, we can put all the 100 samples in each test. The test time is set at 1 hour.

diving flashlight

Diving Flashlight Waterproof Test

Since the customer has come to Yuexin Company to audit the factory before, he has learned about the testing capabilities of our equipment. So this time the samples were sent over for testing. In order to let customers know more about the testing process, Yuexin staff specially took pictures of the testing process and sent this test video to customers.

diving flashlight

Yuexin staff conduct tests and shoot videos for customers

The test results show that these flashlights did not find any problems below 100 meters underwater, but when the water depth test range was increased to 150 meters, four of the 100 samples had water ingress. The result is also very obvious, the position where the water enters is basically the front part of the lens, as shown in the figure below:

diving flashlight

Diving flashlight waterproof test results - some samples entered water

Although the flashlight can still keep on after entering the water, the customer said that according to the waterproof standard of 150 meters, these cases are still defective products. The customer explained that although the flashlight can be turned on after entering the water, its brightness and search distance will be affected. In addition, the flashlight after entering the water cannot guarantee the stability of use. If the water enters the internal circuit and cannot continue to illuminate, it will be a very bad experience for divers to feel underwater in the dark, and it will even pose a serious threat to safety.

On the whole, the waterproof performance of this batch of flashlights is still up to standard (all 100 samples passed the test at a water depth of 100 meters). Hope this customer can develop a flashlight with higher waterproof capability as soon as possible. At the same time, Yuexin will continue to provide waterproof testing equipment and testing services for the majority of enterprise users.

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