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Customer audit factory: Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. came to Yuexin to inspect waterproof testing equipment


Sungrow is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of new energy power supply equipment such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. The main products include photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, energy storage systems, new energy vehicle drive systems, surface photovoltaic floating bodies, smart energy operation and maintenance services, etc., and is committed to providing world-class photovoltaic power station solutions.

Last month, Li Gong from the Quality Department of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. and his colleagues came to Guangzhou from Hefei. This trip is to inspect the factory of Yuexin Company and inspect the production capacity and operation of Yuexin Company. Previously, Sungrow had been seeking waterproof testing solutions for converters, inverters, and large charging stations. The solution proposed by Yuexin Company was ahead of the competitors in the preliminary bidding process.

This visit lasted for one day. In the morning, the customer first went to the Yuexin exhibition hall to learn about all the instruments in the operating state. Among them, the IPX34 rain test box, IPX9 high temperature and high pressure spray test box, IPX56 water spray test box and other instruments impressed the customer deeply, especially the IPX9 high temperature test box. The precise control of the spray test chamber and the impact of the spray have opened the eyes of customers. Seeing that we have our own professional rain test site, customers agree with the professionalism of our Yuexin in the field of waterproof testing.

Waterproof test equipment

Then we accompanied the customer to the workshop, mainly to let the customer understand the production capacity of Yuexin, and saw that Yuexin has its own independent sheet metal processing area, CNC bending area, welding area, and professional lathe processing area, and clear and independent semi-finished products In the area and assembly area, customers are already very confident in Yuexin's production management capabilities. Among them, the customer went to the assembly area to observe the details of Yuexin's production and assembly. In addition, we also introduced our own internal production management software to customers, so that customers can clearly understand how Yuexin operates from order placement to shipment. Although we are talking about some small things, these small operation methods also gave Yangguan Power's inspection team great confidence in Yuexin.

Waterproof test equipment

Waterproof test equipment

As the founder of Yuexin Company, Mr. Chen likes to have customers come to Yuexin to visit the factory. He once said that customers who come to Yuexin for factory inspection must be good customers, which shows that they pay more attention to quality and service. Such customers must hope to find high-quality suppliers to cooperate with, and we need such customers. The reason why we focus on the field of waterproof testing equipment is also to do this small thing better and produce better, more stable and more reliable testing equipment. Yuexin Company can only create value for customers continuously if it completes the instrument well.

Welcome every customer who comes to Yuexin audit factory, because of you, Yuexin can develop better.

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