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Passenger car rain test plan

program purpose

Test the ability of the car body shell to prevent rainwater penetration and the rainproof performance when or after the bus is exposed to rain. It is mainly to check whether the installation of the windows and skylights is normal, whether the sealing performance of the car body gap is reliable, whether the installation method is correct, etc.


An Introduction

According to QCT476-2007 "Test Method for Rainproof and Sealability of Passenger Cars", the program adopts the spraying method and reaches a certain rain intensity to spray the surface of the window. Through the rain room, the conditions of rain detection are similar to the natural state outside. Confirm the water sealing status of the car.

Passenger car rain test plan

Passenger car rain test room - scheme reference map


[Spray pipes] All spray pipes are made of stainless steel 304# water pipes; the inner diameter of the water pump suction pipe is 80mm, and the main diameter of the water supply of the pump: the top uses an inner diameter of 80mm; the water supply on both sides: the main diameter from the pump outlet to the bottom of the flowmeter adopts an inner diameter of 80mm.

[Nozzle layout] According to the design basis, 6 water nozzles are arranged in the shower room. The horizontal and vertical spacing of the nozzles is 400mm, and there are a total of 528 water nozzles, including 144 water nozzles on the top and 168 water nozzles on the left side. ; 168 water nozzles on the right side; 24 water nozzles on the front; 24 water nozzles at the rear (the tail distance can be adjusted); 60 water nozzles at the bottom (the bottom spray can be controlled separately).

[Filtration device] The reservoir is divided into three areas: the first sedimentation reservoir, the second sedimentation reservoir and the clear water reservoir. There is a partition wall between the first sedimentation reservoir and the second sedimentation reservoir. There is a square hole in the middle of the wall, and there is a filter between the second sedimentation reservoir and the clear water reservoir. After adjustment, the water quality is ≤300μ, and the filter can be easily removed and washed. The spray water is provided by the clear water reservoir, and the capacity of the reservoir should meet the requirements of the entire sprinkler system.

【Rotating system】 The front rotating structure, the left and right sides of the rotating stroke are rotated 90 degrees, and the electric rotating structure is adopted.

[Control system] The device includes a set of manual console, a set of remote remote controller control and a set of liquid crystal display touch screen output, which can realize three control modes: manual, remote remote control and automatic.

[Protection device] The equipment is grounded as a whole. The control system has also set various protection functions, including leakage protection function, water pump failure alarm protection, pool automatic water filling and water shortage alarm protection, etc. The perfect protection function ensures that the rain The room can run stably and trouble-free for a long time, has multiple protection functions, and is safe and reliable.


program value

The passenger car rain test room scheme is designed according to the size of the passenger car, which can completely conduct spray tests on the entire passenger car from all directions, and the test effect is more perfect and the result is more real. This plays an important role in the quality inspection of automobile companies before leaving the factory. It can reduce the defect rate of products and avoid the loss of brand image caused by the company in the later stage. This set of rain test room includes a circulating filter spray function, which can ensure the speed of rain detection and speed up the detection efficiency. Adding the remote control function, the driver can drive the car to the entrance to turn on the spray switch, which is simple and convenient to operate, and also reduces the water consumption of spraying.


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