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Bicycle Light Rain Test Solution

Program background

As outdoor cycling activities become more and more popular, the tools for this sport are also more and more valued by manufacturers. Especially bicycle lights, as the "eyes" of driving at night, the quality of the lights is paid special attention to. In addition to lighting quality, the rainproof ability of car lights is also a pain point in the hearts of many consumers. In order to improve the rainproof ability of the headlights, it is necessary to improve the structure and process through continuous rain tests.


An Introduction

The car light rain test program mainly consists of three parts: spray system, water storage system, and control system. Two kinds of fixtures are installed inside, which can respectively simulate the test of two types of headlights and rear warning taillights.

Bicycle Light Rain Test SolutionBicycle Light Rain Test SolutionBicycle Light Rain Test Solution

Bicycle Light Rain Test Scheme -Reference Diagram

[Warning light rain test] The water spray test can be carried out through the inclined-plane spray pipe. The size of the spray hole is 1.0mm in diameter, and each spray station has 9 spray holes. 13 samples can be placed in a single row. Raining at an oblique angle can simulate the splashing state of the warning lights caused by the rolling of the rear wheels during driving. The spraying distance is 100mm, which maintains a certain degree of water impact.

[Lighting rain test] 13 samples can be placed in a single row, and each station is equipped with a spray head. The spray is directly facing the sample, and the spray distance is 100mm.

[Top atomized rain shower] There are two atomized rain showers on the top of the cabinet, and each rain shower is equipped with three atomized water nozzles. The spray angle is 60 degrees, and each nozzle forms a circle with a diameter of 462mm at 400mm below the nozzle, which can cover the entire rain-drenched inner box, simulating the protective performance of car lights in foggy weather. The flow rate of the top atomized rain shower can be adjusted manually.

[Control system] The control system is composed of 7-inch touch screen + PLC programmable controller, and the operation interface independently designed by Yuexin is adopted. It has complete functions and is easy to learn; the emergency stop button is installed on the panel, which is convenient for emergency handling. The flow rate adopts a panel flow meter, which can be adjusted by the user.

[Water storage system] The built-in water storage tank can keep the entire rain box in a cyclic rain state, which improves the detection efficiency.


program value

The solution was developed by Yuexin Company according to customer requirements, and it was designed according to the rainy or foggy weather that bicycle lights often encounter outdoors. A more realistic simulation of the possible flooding of the headlights in rainy weather. This scheme is different from the common IP protection level test, and there is no specified test standard. However, its test method has certain references for automotive lighting companies.


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