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Customer Stories

Yuexin assisted Taiwan Kangquan Telecom to do waterproof leak detection of junction boxes

Transaction time: 2016 Customer Location: Taiwan, China
Test requirements: junction box for ipx8 waterproof leak test Optional equipment: waterproof leak detection instrument

Kangquan Telecom Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications and communication products. The main product lines include ADSL2+ series, VOIP/ADSL2+ Integrated series products, power line home network (PLC) series products, automatic configuration server (TR-069 ), CT-535 Wireless ADSL Router, Bonded ADSL2+ series and other products.Waterproof Leak Tester

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Yuexin Company focuses on the production of IP waterproof test equipment. This time, it was entrusted by Taiwan Kangquan Telecom to customize a waterproof leak tester for the waterproof performance test of new products.

Equipment features of waterproof leak detection instrument (YX-IPX8-50A-20L):

Waterproof Leak Tester

1. It is suitable for the IPX8 waterproof level test of the product, and the transparent tank body is used to observe the leakage point;

2. The waterproof leak detection instrument has three methods: water pressure test, air pressure test and negative pressure test.

3. It can simulate the test of water depth of 1-1000 meters;

For Taiwan Kangquan Telecom, this waterproof leak tester has high immersion pressure and makes the test more convenient. After a return visit, the current equipment is operating normally. The customer said that our Yuexin products are very solid, and the service attitude is also very good. The follow-up waterproof leak detection instrument project will continue to seek cooperation with us.

We also hope that Yuexin's waterproof leak detection equipment can continue to shine in Taiwan Kangquan Telecom, and contribute a little to China's quality.

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