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IPX39 comprehensive rain test box

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As a professional equipment manufacturer, Yuexin always insists on the route of independent innovation and is committed to providing better waterproof testing solutions. The company has applied for more than 30 patent certificates and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. The company has its own brand and has passed the GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification.

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  • IPX39 comprehensive rain test boxIPX39 comprehensive rain test boxLarge comprehensive rain test chamberIPX39 waterproof testing machine

    Key words:
    • IPX39 comprehensive rain test box
  • Basic parameters

    Inner box size

    Approximately length 1300* depth 1300* 1300mm in height

    External dimensions

    Approximately length 1750* depth 3920* 1960mm in height

    Turntable diameter


    Turntable maximum load


    Turntable lifting height

    600-1000 mm

    Turntable speed

    1 -5r/min (precisely adjustable)

    Turntable rotation method

    Always forward / forward and reverse alternately (touch screen control)

    Flow adjustment method

    Automatic adjustment of flow rate with flow sensor (touch screen control)

    Pressure adjustment method

    Automatic pressure adjustment with pressure sensor (touch screen control)

    testing time

    0-999 min (touch screen control)

    Total mass of equipment

    about 400kg

    IPX3-4-4K Part - Technical Parameters

    Swing tube radius size


    R600 pendulum flow



    IPX34 water spray aperture


    IPX4K water spray aperture


    Spray Aperture Spacing


    traffic adjustment

    Flow Sensors

    swing tube inner diameter


    swing angle

    120º (IPX3), 350º (IPX4) or (touch screen setting)

    swing speed

    240° back and forth 4S, 720° back and forth 12S (precise control) or (touch screen setting)

    IPX5-6-6K Part - Technical Parameters

    IPX5, 6K water spray aperture


    IPX6 water spray aperture


    IPX5-6-6K traffic

    IPX5=12.5±0.625(L/min) ; IPX6=100±5(L/min);


    flow adjustment method

    Flow Sensors

    Pressure adjustment method

    Pressure Sensor

    Spray gun swing mode

    Swing in the vertical direction, the swing height and speed are set by the touch screen

    IPX9-9K Part - Technical Parameters

    Nozzle Specifications

     IEC60529:20123, GB/T4208-2017 standard nozzle

    Spray flow

    14-16L or touch screen setting

    spray pressure


    Water spray pressure calibration

    0.9-1.2N force value calibration system (touch screen display)

    water supply temperature

    0-80℃ set by touch screen

    nozzle adjustment

    0° vertical adjustment distance 100mm;

    30°, 60° horizontal adjustment distance 200mm;

    90°vertical direction is adjusted by the turntable

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