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Pull rod reciprocating and smooth comprehensive fatigue testing machine repeated extraction

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  • Tie rod reciprocating and smooth comprehensive fatigue testing machine is repeatedly pumped to do a reciprocating fatigue test on the pull rod of the luggage. During the test, the specimen will be stretched to test the gap, looseness, hidden connection of the connecting rod, deformation, etc. generated by the tie rod. The new function of the pull rod lock test can be used to test the fatigue of the pull rod lock alone and comprehensive test! According to the actual requirements of customers, the segment test and the infinite pull rod test can be realized, and the maximum resistance value of pulling out and pressing can also be tested.

    Key words:
    • Pull rod reciprocating and smooth comprehensive fatigue testing machine repeated extraction
  • Technical parameters
    1. Control mode: PLC control, man-machine interface operation mode

    2. Fix the sample. empty luggage clip

    3. Pull rod holder, with automatic opening and closing device of pull rod lock

    4. The sound of the control rod sports equipment, and the test power is why the motor is driven by a synchronous belt. Capable of reciprocating motion, (0·30 times/min

    5. Test stroke: adjustable from 20 to 100cm, the displacement recording device records and sets the displacement, and the tolerance is controlled within 1mm

    6. The support frame, the height is not less than 1500mm, and the installation pulls out and presses the travel guide rail

    7. The lever lock switch device simulates manual pressing of the lever

    8. It can be tested in sections: it has the function of automatically recording the number of pulling and closing times

    9. Can test the pull rod and the pull rod lock at the same time

    10. Stretching speed: 0~30cm/sec can be full

    11. Compression speed: 0~30cm/sec adjustable

    12. Number of tests: 1-999999. Automatic shutdown

    13. Test power: servo motor

    14. Machine size: 120*120*210cm

    15. Machine weight: 180kg Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

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