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Luggage Walking Bump Test Machine Treadmill

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  • Luggage walking bump test machine Treadmill is used to test the suitcase with wheels. A certain load is loaded in the suitcase, and the conveyor belt type testing machine is used to test the friction and impact between the stiffened plate and the sample running wheel, and to detect the wheel when the suitcase is walking. , Whether the pull rod is damaged. "Test two-wheel, four-wheel trolley case).

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    • Luggage Walking Bump Test Machine Treadmill
  • product specification

    1. Control mode: color driving touch screen (handy and practical), man-machine interface operation mode

    2. Test function: There are intermittent and continuous test methods

    3. Test didu: 0-5km/h (Ke Chao)

    4. Auxiliary function: it will automatically stop when the test piece falls in the middle

    5. Bump board: 8 pieces (300*30*5mm)

    6. Belt specification: 3900x750x5 mm (special industrial conveyor belt)

    7. Weihuan: 2300x1300x1500(L*W*H)

    8. Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

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