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IPX3-6 robot rain test room

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As a professional equipment manufacturer, Yuexin always insists on the route of independent innovation and is committed to providing better waterproof testing solutions. The company has applied for more than 30 patent certificates and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. The company has its own brand and has passed the GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification.

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  • Robot rain test roomRain test room Turntable motor adopts stepper motor Nozzle contact point brass cone design With compressed air drying function With safety features such as fall prevention Robot rain test room A protective cover is installed under the needle With stainless steel spray gun bracket Panasonic servo motor Water tank with liquid level sensor To prevent the booster pump from running without water continuous rotation Industrial alloy aluminum profile Can set the speed on the touch screen Robot rain test room

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    • IPX3-6 robot rain test room

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