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IPX69K comprehensive waterproof testing machine

Reference standard no: 1056275760169181184

As a professional equipment manufacturer, Yuexin always insists on the route of independent innovation and is committed to providing better waterproof testing solutions. The company has applied for more than 30 patent certificates and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. The company has its own brand and has passed the GB/T29490-2013 intellectual property management system certification.

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  • IPX69K comprehensive waterproof testing machine Built-in heating tube recyclable water High temperature and high pressure water pump High temperature resistance is more stable Can be used for a long time Control the swing of the spray gun Spray from all angles Four functions IPX69K comprehensive waterproof testing machine built-in encoder High temperature and high pressure nozzle The larger the torque of the built-in silicon steel rotor, the more stable the output waterproof electric plug live test Dustproof and shockproof Waterproof rubber sleeve Waterproof connector UV protection Screw seal IPX69K comprehensive waterproof testing machine

    Key words:
    • IPX69K comprehensive waterproof testing machine
  • Size parameters Inner box size 1000×1000×1000mm
      Overall Dimensions 4000×1180×1180mm (the length of the aqueduct is 2450mm)
      Recommended sample size


      Orifice Angle 0°, 30°.60°, 90° (vertical direction)
      Turntable diameter φ400mm
      Nozzle diameter φ6.3mm(IPX5/6K) φ12.5mm(IPX6)
      Strong spray distance 2.8 meters (the nozzle is away from the center of the turntable)
      High temperature spray distance 100-200m (can be adjusted manually)

    performance parameter flow range

    IPX5:12.5 /IPX6:100 /IPX6K:75 (L/min) tolerance value: ±5% 

    IPX9:15±1 (L/min)

      IPX9 water spray pressure 8000-10000Kpa
      IPX9 nozzle water spray impact force 0.9-1.2N (force value calibration system visible)
      IPX5/6 strong water spray mode Up and down circular sweeping water spray (fixed-point water spray can be adjusted manually)
      Turntable bearing 50kg

    Conditions of Use voltage AC 380V
      power 10.0KW
      Recommended site size Length×width≥4500×1800mm
      Water conditions Tap water (supporting 3 meters water pipe)


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